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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hard Quest Line - A New Look - Orange Truck

This is the Hard Quest Line, part of Cafe World's Catering Campaigns. The icon is an orange truck on the left side of your screen. There is no timer on these goals, and they unlock some of the recipes needed for the new catering orders. There are 10 parts to this quest. This quest line also unlocks a 4X Ultra Stove. This appears to be running on the smart engine so numbers of requests may vary from the guide.
Recipes Unlocked: Late Night Snacks, Friday Pizza, Crunch Time Bars

A New Look (Goal #1)
Ask for 3 Buckets of Paint [wall post]
Ask for 3 Headshots
Serve a random 3hr dish 40 times
Reward: 300 Cafe Coins, 100 Cafe Points

Online Ads (Goal #2)
Ask for 4 Computers [wall post]
Ask for 4 Spreadsheets
Serve a random 4hr dish 50 times
Reward: 300 Cafe Coins, 100 Cafe Points

More Upgrades (Goal #3)
Ask for 6 Flower Arrangements [wall post]
Ask for 6 Table Centerpieces
Serve a random 4hr dish 60 times
Unlocks: Late Night Snacks recipe

(Goal #4)
Ask for -- New Grills [wall post]
Serve a random -- dish 50 times --> possibly 12hr
Serve a random -- dish 80 times --> possibly 8hr

(Goal #5)
Complete Stage 3 of Catering Truck
Ask for -- New Tanks
Serve a random -- dish 80 times --> possibly 20hr
Unlocks: Friday Pizza recipe

(Goal #6)
Complete Business Upgrade I catering order
Ask for -- Saxophones
Serve a random -- dish 95 times --> possibly 14hr

(Goal #7)
Complete Stage 6 of Catering Truck
Serve a random -- dish 100 times --> possibly 8hr
Ask for -- Number One Fans
Unlocks: Crunch Time Bars recipe
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