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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winston's Return

Cafe World has released the Winston's Return goals. This is a 10 part goal. Chef Winston was here for the 2 year anniversary event. Now he's returned to give us some new British recipes, a 50% stove, and an Instant Thyme bundle. These goals are running on the smart engine, so the number of requests may vary from the guide.

Hints: If you participated in the 2 year anniversary, bring out your High Tea Table and place it in your cafe for an additional +1 mastery while you cook your British dishes.
Recipes: Tea and Biscuits

Winston's Dishes (Goal #1)
Ask for 2 British Cookbooks [wall post]
Serve or ask for a random 6hr dish 15 times
Ask for 3 British Postcards
Reward: 100 Cafe Points, 500 Cafe Coins

Tea and Biscuits (Goal #2)
Ask for 3 Tea Cups [wall post]
Serve or ask for a random 10hr dish 30 times
Ask for 4 Biscuits
Unlocks: Tea and Biscuits recipe

High Tea (Goal #3)
Ask for 3 Teapots [wall post]
Serve or ask for Tea and Biscuits 45 times
Ask for 4 China Plates

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