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Friday, March 30, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

Cafe World has released the Scavenger Hunt goals, a small 8 part goal chain that unlocks four new recipes.

The Hunt Begins! (Goal #1)
Ask for 1 Clue Lists [wall post]
Serve a random 8hr dish 15 times
Ask for 1 GPS Trackers
Reward: 200 Cafe Points, 1,000 Cafe Coins

Scavenging Lunch (Goal #2)
Ask for 2 Italian Sausages [wall post]
Serve a random 9hr dish 20 Mini Crab Cakes
Ask for 2 Orzo Pasta
Unlocks: Spicy Sausage Orzo recipe

Green Machines (Goal #3)
Ask for 3 Lime Squeezers [wall post]
Serve Spicy Sausage Orzo 25 times
Ask for 3 Pickle Slicers

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