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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cooking Academy - White Cravat Goals

Cafe World's Cooking Academy goals continues with the White Cravat Goals, which are listed below.

Fall Registration
Cook 4 Caramel Apples
Cook 10 Pumpkin Pies
Earn 15,000 coins
Unlocks: Beef Wellington recipe

A Royal Test
Serve Beef Wellington 12 Times
Find 3 Royal Collection Items
Ask for 5 Seals of Approval
TIP: Serving Beef Wellington will help you find items for the Royal Collection. Items are given out randomly, so not every serving will yield an item.

Final Exam
Finish Royal Collection
Have 1 Royal Utensil Holder
TIP #1: Serve Beef Wellington until you find all 5 items in the Royal Collection. When you have all 5 items, click on the Collections Cabinet and scroll until you find Royal Collection. Click Trade In, and you should get credit for the Royal Utensil Holder. There is a known glitch in where the goal might not say "Completed," but it usually still lets you continue on.  
TIP #2: Royal Utensil Holder isn't actually physically stored in the inventory, but it doesn't matter because the game doesn't ask you to place it in your cafe.
Unlocks: Cravat Holder Decoration

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