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Friday, April 15, 2011

Corporate Luncheon

Cafe World's Corporate Luncheon catering order is one of the original orders that is in the catering truck after you build it. The story is that your cafe has been chosen to cater a business lunch. Completing this order in 3 days will unlock the Tuna Melt recipe.

Completing this order with 3 stars requires cooking and asking for the following items.

Dishes Needed
Serve King Crab Bisque 98 times [1day]
Serve Dino Drumstick 180 times [13hr]
Serve Ice Cream Sundae 80 times [18hr]
Serve Macaroni and Cheese 120 times [2hr]

Items Needed
Ask for 15 Name Cards
Ask for 14 Folded Napkins

Complete in 3 days
3 Star Rewards: 15 Catering Points, 4,536 Cafe Points, 68,040 Cafe Coins, Tuna Melt recipe

Complete in 7 days
2 Star Rewards: 10 Catering Points, 3,240 Cafe Points, 48,600 Cafe Coins

Complete with no time limit
1 Star Rewards: 5 Catering Points, 1,944 Cafe Points, 29,160 Cafe Coins
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