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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Avatars

Cafe World has changed their avatars. The change was made so that the game runs faster once the cafe has loaded. The avatars walk faster than before, although their features are a little blurrier than in the past. There also seem to be fewer selections for designing one's avatar.

UPDATE: This problem no longer exists. For more information, view post New Avatar Solution.
One noticeable problem players have found is that if an avatar is standing in front of a stove where the player can see the back of the avatar's head, the player cannot click on the stove. A solution to this is available only if a player is willing to rearrange their stoves. If the avatar is standing behind a stove where the player can see the avatar's face, then they will be able to click on the stove. The picture below shows where the stoves can be placed so that they can be easily clicked on.

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