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Friday, April 1, 2011

Game Money

Cafe Coins

Cafe World uses two types of in-game currency. Most commonly, players will use Cafe Coins. Coins are used to buy food, equipment, and decorations. Coins are earned any time a customer pays the restaurant for a meal they have eaten, as well as a reward for completing goals and catering missions. There is also an option to buy Cafe Coins with real money, but this option is usually unnecessary because Coins are easy to obtain.

Cafe Cash

Cafe World's other type of in-game currency that can be obtained slowly over time by just playing the game is Cafe Cash. It is a little bit harder to obtain than Cafe Coins. However, there is a button in the game that lets players Add more Cafe Cash. This is where players can choose to buy Cafe Cash with some of their real money. There are some premium decorations that are only available through purchase with Cafe Cash, but not having these decorations will not hinder successful game play.

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