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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Goals

Cafe World's Spring Goals are an eight part set. Three new recipes are unlocked upon completion of these goals. They are Asparagus Almondine, Rhubarb Betty, and Garlic Artichoke Pizza.

Spring Is The Season (Goal #1)
Serve Pumpkin Pie 5 times
Serve Super Chunk Fruit Salad 7 times
Spice 3 of your Neighbor's dishes
Reward: 100 Cafe Coins, 100 Cafe Points

A Farm Team (Goal #2)
Serve Caramel Apples 7 times
Serve or Ask for Spaghetti and Meatballs 20 times
Ask for 10 Bags of Asparagus
Reward: 200 Cafe Coins, 200 Cafe Points

Sweet Spring (Goal #3)
Serve Jammin' Jelly Donuts 15 times
Serve Angel Fruit Cake 15 times
Ask for 12 Cups of Almonds
Unlocks: Asparagus Almondine recipe

A Better Bar (Goal #4)
Restock Salad Bar 5 times
Serve 18 Cups of Decaf Coffee
Ask for 10 Spring Flowers
Unlocks: Sunshine Flower decoration

Spring Showers (Goal #5)
Serve Ginger Ale 12 times
Spice 3 of your Neighbor's dishes
Serve Clubhouse Sandwich 20 times

Rhubarb Roundup (Goal #6)
Serve Triple Berry Cheesecake 15 times
Serve or Ask for Pizza Margherita 15 times
Ask for 10 Cups of Sliced Rhubarb

Brunchie Munchies (Goal #7)
Have 1 Pink Egg Clock
Have 1 Bunny Hostess
Cater the Sunday Brunch
Unlocks: Rhubarb Betty recipe

Market and Bake It (Goal #8)
Serve or Ask for Pepperoni Pizza 30 times
Serve Sausage Deep Dish Pizza 30 times
Ask for 25 Heads of Artichoke
Unlocks: Garlic Artichoke Pizza recipe
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