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Friday, April 15, 2011

Upgrade Your Catering Business

Cafe World's Upgrade Your Catering Business catering order is one of the original orders that is in the catering truck after you build it. The story is that you need to get some better gear to run your catering more successfully. Completing this order in 3 days will unlock the Big Pig Catering outdoor decoration.

Completing this order with 3 stars requires cooking and asking for the following items.

Dishes Needed
Serve Belgian Waffles 40  times [2hr]

Items Needed
Ask for 10 Serving Plates
Ask for 5 Pots and Pans
Ask for 10 Steam Trays

Complete in 3 days
3 Star Rewards: 12 Catering Points, 3,402 Cafe Points, 51,030 Cafe Coins, Big Pig Catering Outdoor Decoration

Complete in 7 days
2 Star Rewards: 8 Catering Points, 2,430 Cafe Points, 36,450 Cafe Coins

Complete with no time limit
1 Star Rewards: 4 Catering Points, 1,458 Cafe Points, 21,870 Cafe Coins
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