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Monday, April 4, 2011

Supreme Cuisine - Stage 1

The competition has officially begun! Stage 1 of Supreme Cuisine is well under way. Right now, the Italians highly outweigh the French with number of people on that team. The two dishes for the French are Basic Crudites (15 minute cooking time), and Country Pate (4 hour cooking time). The two dishes for the Italians are Vegetable Minestrone (5 minute cooking time), and Pasta e Fagioli (4 hour cooking time).
To get started cooking, click on a stove. The regular cookbook will pop up, but these recipes are not in it. Find the Supreme Cuisine button located in the cookbook, and you will get the screen you need. From here, you can cook one of the two dishes for your team. Each dish will give you points. The shorter cooking time dish will give you 1 point, and the longer cooking time dish will give you 2 points. There is a personal goal, which will be different for everyone based on their level, and a community goal, which is unlocked once players have finished their personal goal. The community goal is based on the number of active neighbors a player has.

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