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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pizza Oven

Cafe World's Pizza Oven goals allows players to build a specialty stove that is just for pizzas. The goal is 7 parts. It unlocks the Pizza Oven and a few recipes for it. You can only cook pizza oven recipes on the oven itself, not on your regular stoves.

Pie in the Sky (Goal #1)
Place your Pizza Oven
Serve Bacon Cheeseburgers 3 times
Serve Clubhouse Sandwiches 3 times
Reward: 100 Cafe Coins, 100 Cafe Points

Pizza Oven Builder
Ask for 2 Pizza Peels
Ask for 3 Cooking Racks
Ask for 5 Pizza Platters
Ask for 10 Pizza Hickory Logs
Function: Specialty stove/oven that cooks pizzas

Pizza Preparation! (Goal #2)
Complete building the Pizza Oven
Ask for 3 Cups of Flour
Spice 3 of your neighbors stoves
Reward: 200 Cafe Coins, 200 Cafe Points

Pizza Party! (Goal #3)
Ask for 5 Party Hats
Cook Pizza Margherita 5 times
Serve Ginger Ale 15 times
Reward: 300 Cafe Coins, 300 Cafe Points

The Perfect Slice (Goal #4)
Cook Pizza Margherita 2 times
Ask for 5 Tomatoes
Ask for 8 Sausages
Unlocks: Sausage Deep Dish Pizza recipe

A Second Slice (Goal #5)
Cook Sausage Deep Dish Pizza 5 times
Ask for 5 Tomatoes
Ask for 10 Sticks of Pepperoni
Unlocks: Pepperoni Pizza recipe

Practice Making (Goal #6)
Cook Pepperoni Pizza 5 times
Cook Sausage Deep Dish Pizza 5 times
Cook Pizza Margherita 5 times
Reward: 500 Cafe Points, 500 Cafe Coins

World Famous (Goal #7)
Ask for 12 Sausages
Ask for 12 Mozzarellas
Cook Sausage Deep Dish Pizza 5 times
Reward: Meat Craver's Pizza recipe

There are another set of Pizza Oven goals that start at Part 8, and go till Part 13. This is the continuation of this goal set where you can unlock more pizza recipes.

Pizza Oven VIII (Goal #8)
Cook Meat Craver's Pizza 4 times
Ask for 3 Tomatoes
Ask for 4 Cups of Flour
Reward: 400 Cafe Coins, 400 Cafe Points

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